Dad FC Hexgoals goes live!

by Goss, October 4, 2019


Recently I’ve had a burning desire to create my first video game. Bear in mind I have zero, absolutely zero, experience in programming, game development and the like.

I started out with a blank canvas. Here are some decisions I had to make pretty early on:

  1. Do I build it all myself? Yes. I wanted to learn everything, from using a game engine and doing basic coding to uploading a build and doing the content and marketing.
  2. Which platform do I build the game on? I went for iTunes (an iPhone and iPad app), because the barriers to getting a simple game live are much lower here than on something like the Nintendo Switch, Steam or even Google Play, which has literally thousands of devices.
  3. What do I build the game in? There are loads of options, including Xcode, Unreal engine and Unity. I went for Unity as there are loads of tutorials on YouTube showing how to get a game going pretty fast.
  4. What sort of game do I build? I went for hyper-casual (which basically means a game you can pick up and play in a matter of seconds). The expectations from the player of a hyper-casual game are relatively low as well, which means it’s easier to build it and meet those expectations.
  5. 3D or 2D? 2D all the way, mainly because it’s easier to build a 2D game. There’s less to learn. On the plus side, retro 2D pixel graphics are back in vogue now.


I wanted to create a game designed specifically for you, the Dad F.C. audience. So this meant coming up with an idea that was related to parenting or football and that it was quick and easy to play (‘cus I know we can be short on time and the only chance you may get to play a video game is on your commute home).


So here’s my very first version of my very first game. It’s FREE! Another plus for all parents…

Let us know what you think and if you need further support (though I’m not sure why you would), then drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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