Larkhall Athletic goalkeeper, Arthur Nasta, has agreed terms to join Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers. The 18-year-old, who is currently taking his A-levels, expressed his astonishment when he learned from his dad that Wolves had been scouting his games and were interested in signing him.

Arthur Nasta has enjoyed a fantastic season with Ollie Price’s Larks team, racking up 16 clean sheets in 44 appearances across all competitions and winning the Supporter’s Player of the Season award. Larkhall Athletic currently play in the Southern League Division One South, the eighth level in the English football league system pyramid. This unprecedented move to the Premier League marks a significant leap from Level 8 (Step 4 of the National League system) to the top tier of English football. The Millfield School student officially joins Wolves on a professional contract in July, once he finishes his studies.

In a recent interview with us on the Dad FC Show, Nasta shared his excitement and reflections on his journey.

“Yeah, I’m buzzing,” he said. Reflecting on his time at Larkhall Athletic, the young keeper described how the season flew by, mentioning the numerous games and the disruptions caused by cancellations. “We’ve had so many games and obviously this season we had quite a few games cancelled. So like, I think, looking back, it felt like it was just months ago, but now it’s over… you just want it all again really?”

Nasta spoke about his initial uncertainty when he joined Larkhall Athletic, “I came in quite late in preseason. You guys already had a goalie already, and I think at that time I wasn’t really sure where it’d end up… Ollie gave me a call and said “We’ve got a goalkeeper, but if you’re good enough, you can play”, and luckily enough I managed to do that.”

He reminisced about the camaraderie and strong bonds he formed with his teammates. “They’re loud!… When I came in, I wasn’t used to that sort of social thing… I think I’ve developed a great relationship with the back-line. Once I did that, it just became so much better.” Nasta credited these relationships for their successful season, highlighting how the team gelled well, especially towards the end of the season.

One of Nasta’s standout moments was the FA Cup game against Bath City, which saw a record attendance at Larkhall Athletic. Despite the loss, he described the experience as special, noting the intense atmosphere and the high level of Larkhall’s play. “That was a special day… I think now I just I hate thinking back about it because obviously, we didn’t come away with it, but (when I think about) that first half and how we played… I loved it.”

Nasta also shared his perspective on handling setbacks, specifically referencing a challenging defeat against Exmouth. He noted the importance of mental strength and learning from mistakes. “I’d be lying if I said it was something I was really struggling with in the game… I just knew that one performance doesn’t defined you.”

Looking ahead, Nasta is aware of the differences between non-league football and the Premier League, particularly the playing conditions and level of competition. He expressed gratitude for his non-league experience, citing it as a critical factor in his development over this past season. “I’d be really intrigued to see what I was like if I didn’t play this season. I think I probably would have definitely not been the goalie I am today.”

As Nasta prepares to join Wolves, the shot-stopper looks forward to learning from experienced goalkeepers and coaches. “I think they just want me to sort of firstly get in the environment… take every day as it comes and not go too far in the future.”

In a heartfelt parting message, Arthur Nasta thanked everyone at Larkhall Athletic: “Thank you to the fans, the staff and everyone to do with the club… everyone has always been really welcoming, I’ve never felt out of place… a big thank you to everyone.”

You can listen to the full interview with Arthur Nasta on the Dad FC YouTube channel:

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