Dad FC logo

Drumroll, please! Dad FC is thrilled to unveil our brand new logo that will proudly grace the shorts of Larkhall Athletic, our sponsored football club. But here’s the best part – our logo was chosen by none other than you, our amazing Dad FC fans. We believe in the power of community and wanted to involve our passionate supporters in shaping our identity.

This logo represents more than just a symbol; it embodies the heart and soul of Dad FC and our commitment to supporting grassroots football. As a sponsor, we are delighted to contribute to nurturing the talent and camaraderie that flourish within local clubs. We’re excited to see our logo on the shorts of the players, reminding them that they have a whole community cheering them on.

Supporting grassroots football is at the core of what we do. We believe that the love for the game should be nurtured from the ground up, empowering aspiring players and creating a positive impact on the local community. By sponsoring Larkhall Athletic, we are investing in the dreams and aspirations of these talented athletes, fostering a spirit of teamwork, resilience, and passion for the game.

So, when you see our logo proudly displayed on the shorts of Larkhall Athletic, know that it represents a shared vision of promoting grassroots football. It’s a symbol of dedication, community and fatherhood.

Thank you to our incredible Dad FC fans for being a part of this journey and helping us shape our identity. Your voices matter, and we’re honoured to have you by our side as we continue to champion the spirit of grassroots football. Let’s cheer on Larkhall Athletic with pride and show the world what the Dad FC community is all about!

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