World Cup of Non-Alcoholic Beers 2017

World Cup of Non-Alcoholic Beers 2017

by Goss, June 10, 2017

The non-alcoholic beer market is exploding. From big brands like Heineken to small craft brewers like Big Drop… People are opting to drink dry more than ever before. As a father of two, there are occasions when I fancy a drink but can’t.

Maybe I need an amazing night’s sleep, maybe I don’t want to feel groggy in the morning, maybe I’ve still got the bedtime routine to get through, or maybe we’re just off on a family day out and I’m driving. Non-alcoholic beers should be the perfect thing, but are they?

With thanks from our sponsor, I’ve taste tested 24 different non-alcoholic beers to give you the lowdown on what’s worth trying the next time you throw a family-friendly BBQ.

Oh, and don’t get me wrong…they’re not all good. Watch out for one video where I almost throw up; I swear they messed up on that brew!


Rothaus Alkoholfrei vs. Birra Moretti ZERO

Birra Moretti ZERO (Blonde beer) 5/10 A little aroma. Absolutely nothing in terms of flavour. I love a Moretti but this Italian beer fails to deliver a single punch. It’s too light and tasteless.
Rothaus Hefe Weizem Alkoholfrei (Wheat beer) 7/10 Quite a bit of flavour and is damn gassy. A good head on it. Would go down well for the occasions when you can’t drink alcohol. The bottle holds a substantial 50cl too, whereas most non-alcoholic beers are the 33cl. That’s more bang for your buck.

Krombacher Weizen v Mikkeller Drink In The Sun

Krombacher Weizen 6/10 Nasty brown gunk. Dark cloudy complexion. Fruity aroma. Nothing to back it up by way of taste and mouthfeel.
Mikkeller – Drink in the sun 8/10 Fruity aroma (quite powerful). This is a solid beer. The aroma is backed up with fruity notes and a definite little kick to finish at the back of your throat. Drink this with a BBQ.

Bernard S vs. Palm NA

Bernard S 9/10 Wow. Amazing. Tastes like a real beer. A great crisp lager. No particular head on it.
Palm NA 9/10 A lovely beer here. Honey colour. Bit of caramel flavour. Little bit of a head.

Super Bock vs. Bitburger Drive

Super Bock 8/10 Crisp. Tad Wheaty. Tad Fruity. Light enjoyable beer. Has a solid beer aroma which many non-alcos don’t.
Bitburger Drive 7/10 Lacks flavour. Lacks aroma. Definitely taste and feels like a non alcoholic beer.

Nanny State v Erdinger Alkoholfrei

Brewdog Nanny State 9/10 A lot of depth. Crisp. Very hoppy and strong tasting. A great hoppy aroma. Incredible for a non alcoholic beer.
Erdinger Alkoholfrei 8/10 A great wheat beer. Added isotonic, folic acid and vitamin B12. No aroma. Light crisp taste.

Cobra Zero vs. Heineken 0.0%

Heineken Zero 6/10 Not much aroma. Tastes and feels like an alcoholic beer. Bit gassy. Solid replacement for a regular lager.
Cobra Zero 4/10 Bit malty. Good malty aroma. Sweet malty taste. Too sugary. Slight plastic / cheap finish.

Big Drop Citrus Pale Ale vs. Bernard Cherry

Big Drop Citrus Pale Ale 10/10
Amazing! Hint of lime. Light caramel finish. Excellent crisp mouthfeel.
Bernard Cherry 4/10 Cherry aroma, colour and taste. It’s not a beer, surely?!

Innis & None Pale Ale vs. Mikkeller Drink In Berliner

Innis and none IPA 6/10 Strange grassy / floral aroma. Includes Ginseng and Guarana. A little hoppy. The aroma is off-putting.
Mikkeller – Drink in Berliner 0/10 Horrible. Wheaty look. Tastes like gone-off lemonade. Gunk in the bottle. Strong off-putting aroma.

Clausthaler vs. Paulaner Munchner Hell Alkoholfrei

Clausthaler 7/10 A tad malt sweetness. A solid crisp lager.
Paulaner Munchner Hell Alkoholfrei 6/10 The very first ever non-alco beer. Doesn’t have much of aroma or taste. Doesn’t offer much.

St Peter’s Without vs. Leeds Alcohol Free Pale Ale

Leeds Brewery Alcohol Free Pale Ale 8/10 Well rounded beer. Amber look. Not much going on in terms of aroma.
St Peter’s Without 7/10 Very malty. Smells malty. Tastes malty. A dark amber ale look. Quite still (not very fizzy).

Big Drop Chocolate Milk Stout v. Franziskaner Alcohol Free

Big Drop’s Chocolate Milk Stout 7/10 Enjoyed with oysters and BBQs. Strong stout. Dark chocolate aroma. Tad cocoa taste. Looks like Guinness Original (not Guinness Extra Smooth). Smooth on the palette.
Franziskaner Alcohol Free 7/10 Cloudy. A tad malty aroma. Very fizzy. Wheat / malt taste. No sweet after-taste. Crisp, excellent mouthfeel.

Becks Blue vs. Bavaria 0.0% Original

Bavaria Original 5 Like sparkling water. A brief taste of wheat. Not much going on here.
Becks Blue 3 Nothing going on at all. No aroma. No flavour.

The Finals!

World Cup of Non-Alcoholic Beers | The Finals

Need something refreshing without the grogginess, hangover or calories? I tasted over 20 non-alcoholic beers for Dad FC’s World Cup of Non-Alcoholic Beers. Find out which one’s are the very best! Sponsored by Drydrinker.

Finalist brewers featured include: BrewDog, Brouwerij Palm, Bernard Vlastni Cestou and Big Drop Brewing Co. Message me for your medals. ? ? ?

Posted by Dad FC on Saturday, 10 June 2017

There were some amazing beers for me to test. I was genuinely surprised that I could enjoy these non-alcoholic beers. Month’s after tasting these various beers I now find myself regularly getting non-alcoholic beers as a healthier alternative to alcoholic beers.

The winner, is Big Drop’s Citrus Pale Ale. Close runners up included Brewdog’s Nanny State and Palm NA. With Nanny State being widely available, it’s a regular in my fridge now. Big Drop’s Citrus Pale Ale is a little treat, currently available exclusively at


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