It’s here. An incredibly splendid 0.5% alcoholic ale. All the taste and none of the hangover. What more can you want?

If you’ve seen some our World Cup of Non Alcoholic Beers, you’ll know we’re big fans of (some) non-alcoholic beers here at Dad F.C. Zero or 0.5% beer have many benefits: they’re versatile (you can drink them at kid-friendly occasions, like family BBQs, birthdays or picnics), they don’t give you hangovers, they’re healthier (often many fewer calories) and they’re a little cheaper too.

The problem has too often been that they don’t taste great and that there’s a limited selection too. Well, step in, Adnams and M&S. These 2 have teamed up to deliver a Southwold Pale Ale at only 0.5% that has a superb crisp mouthfeel and an excellent hoppy flavour. Serve this delightful beverage nice and cold from the fridge.

Taste test of M&S’ Adnams 0.5% Southwold Pale Ale

  • Lots of chinook and cascade hops giving it a packed hoppy flavour and a hint of caramel
  • Bit of a floral aroma (or “grassy” as I put it)
  • Dark amber in colour

Here’s Southwold Pale Ale going head-to-head with Brewdog’s Nanny State.

What do you think of non-alco beers? And have you got any recommendations for us?!

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